User Guide — Bridge KAVA from Kava mainnet to Kava ETH Co-chain

1. Introduction

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4 min readJun 7, 2022

Kava is built on Co-chain Architecture and has just been deployed to the new ETH Co-chain network. ETH Co-chain is an EVM-compatible execution environment that empowers Solidity developers and their dApps to benefit from the scalability and security of the Kava Network. Moonfarm has just integrated Kava Eth Co-chain network into our eco-system making it easier for users to buy and stake KAVA using their existing Moonfarm wallets.

2. Bridge KAVA from mainet to ETH Co-chain

2.1 Install Keplr extension on Chrome

Keplr extension is the easiest way to store your Kava. Install the extension from Chrome store at:

  • After the installation is completed successfully, you will see the Keplr icon on the taskbar.
  • Click Keplr icon and you can either choose to create a new account or import an existing account using the mnemonic seed
  • After following several steps on the screen, you will successfully create/restore a wallet on Keplr.
  • You will see the address starting with kava…. It is the address used to send KAVA you buy from exchanges.

2.2 Buy KAVA from the exchange and send to Keplr wallet

The most popular exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, and Mexc support trading and withdrawal of Kava on mainnet. You can buy KAVA on those exchanges and withdraw to your Keplr address above.

2.3 Send KAVA from Keplr wallet to ETH Co-chain Wallet

Kava Co-chain architecture generates Kava address (starting with kava) for every EVM compatible address. If you have an EVM compatible address (starting with 0x) on the Metamask extension, you will see your corresponding kava address by following these steps:

  • Click Connect Metamask and add KAVA EVM network to Metamask if needed. You will see this if your wallet is connected to KAVA EVM network
  • Go back to the website above and Click button Deposit Kava
  • The popup appears and displays the corresponding Kava address
  • Open your Keplr wallet and send KAVA to the above address. Make sure to set gas fee much higher than the fastest one (e.g: 180000) otherwise the transaction might be failed.
  • After the transaction has been successful, open your EVM compatible wallet and you will see your KAVA on ETH Co-chain.

2.4 Send KAVA on ETH Co-chain to Moonfarm

  • Logon to your Moonfarm account and go to My Wallets
  • You will see KAVA there and click DEPOSIT button to get Kava ETH Co-chain address on Moonfarm.
  • Go back to your Metamask wallet and send KAVA on Kava EVM network to your Moonfarm address above.
  • You will soon receive email notification that your KAVA has been deposited to Moonfarm and you can start earning rewards by staking that KAVA to any available KAVA staking vault.

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