The ROSN-BNB Farming Competition results

On Thursday, October 7th, we are pleased to announce Moonfarm Awards winners during our “The ROSN-BNB Farming Competition” experience.

Please join us in celebrating the winners of Moonfarmers who farm the most ROSN-BNB. We are proud to honor their contributions to both Moonfarm and Roseon projects. In total, there are 3 award categories, the details have been announced in this following article medium.

Competition A: Farm ROSN-BNB LP token with your attempts.

TVL($) 2000 < x ≤ 5,000:

  • 0xF7CC4195c1ed14D8ca76Cc0548C3906B9fCBA2e7

Rewards: 300$ shared; 300$ in ROSN each

TVL($) 10 < x ≤ 2,000:

  • 0xEe7f9a8C5c08b519b02b484655A1D08D48CfB4A0
  • 0x2A52e56b97C837AB4AD77c847C27f673Eb263533
  • 0x0d0e279cA3CB5D5B50e2d18c265843AdF0Dc383A
  • 0x3495B4563f1Ac273d2E962e993339F64c2e2c8eb
  • 0x0C777b8Fa9Cf4b7Fb0eFef5c172A271286292Af8
  • 0x1DdAf7a98A8242fF90c909d74D4086BE346216AC
  • 0x529EC85dBAfA7862e48B1e498D71D1Eb3aC07627
  • 0x177b225F809467319bE3770F36124baF0d952e12
  • 0x2fBCb240f9354B2632B890551353b4f946C84b12
  • 0x65C8FB80b877ad46D2749299DC860c25Fc1D5faB
  • 0xb2d7b7116b49bFC9F89fb202EE31D1B756433193

Rewards: 100$ shared; 9.09$ in ROSN each

Competition B: Farm ROSN-BNB Lp token with your lucky chance!

  • 0x5c848f3dE21e33d886c8C45E7113E4bb8d69d6Ba
  • 0xf8F57e96D52468C17a997CEdaABdFE76DbCb891D
  • 0x24F70ec2385d481241D1C03e14DB1567EF8DEE17

Competition C: Twitter Campaign.

  • 0x822336DB6273eEB8EF9bCf37DB9Cb83105640db8
  • 0x2b64B19E10DA3E0508E59509E1C262433469683C
  • 0x751A54621c723d82C98bE31ceb8B7e30d8670B41
  • 0x4c551A969e454ECfEd8c046a3DF68F023C1908c4
  • 0x33B660F231288cd0854dd81d9a6937Ce474154BB
  • 0xDBF3Ab5C7BE4ef135D530e36535eE0adeed73088
  • 0xBc6f57F5867dB1c5506Fa9Ff8fD118C75bD36DdA
  • 0x2F61718458Bb769f7B5fA0c989B53654Be6EFB4
  • 0x704f3Fad04Ba3634F07b656b5620FC62DC0b77C6
  • 0x0be79b5dA8bf3b1Ed74d98dd6094ca8861d6c6e6

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