Moonfarm to introduce new feature
HOLD $MFO to Increase APR%

To provide the best experience and increase income for the MoonFarmer community, we decided to launch a great feature for all of you Hold $MFO to earn bonus APR.

Our new feature will help you increase the APR of any pool you are farming (up to 10%).

Your Bonus APR = Your MFO hold / Your Farming Pool TVL

For example: If you hold $100 MFO & farm with $1,000 TVL, your bonus APR will be 10% in all pools you are farming.

Note: The amount of MFO you are holding will be snapshotted daily and the bonus APR rate will be calculated accordingly on the same day.

About Moonfarm

Moonfarm is a DeFi and Centralized Finance (CeFi) hybrid yield farming aggregator. It provides the best of both worlds, offering all the cost-effectiveness, easy access, transparency, and rapidity of DeFi yield farming, in addition to offering the security associated with a centralized financial ecosystem.

Moonfarm optimizes Yield Farming interest (APY/ APR) and provides users with the ability to choose what farms they want to use, or the system will automatically determine the best farming strategies using the yield optimization engine.

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