MoonFarm successfully raised 1.05M USD in Private Rounds

Dear MoonFarm Finance Community,

We would like to begin this announcement by expressing how humbled we are by the level of support and interests we have received thereto.

We are pleased to announce that MoonFarm’s private sale funding rounds has been successfully closed with strong support both from leading investors and entrepreneurs in the crypto currency space that share MoonFarm’s vision for the future of CeDeFi

A total of $1,05m was raised by SMO Capital, Lychee Ventures, HC Capital, Wings Ventures, UB Ventures and local Angle Investors, injecting much-needed fresh capital into the first CeDeFi Yield Farming Aggregator on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This introduction of finance will be used to focus on expanding MoonF arm onto other blockchains and to further develop the yield farming that it is building out with MoonFarm Finance product.

Here are some of the highlights that our product will introduce :

· Multi-Chain Yield Farming

· MoonSwap CeFi & DeFi

· Single product asset farming

The MoonFarm team would like to express our gratitude towards our investors for their unbelievable support in our journey towards bringing multi chain yield farming to a wide range of audience with long term benefits

This fundraising round helps us quickly expand our crypto network and secure more powerful partners who, we believe, are more than competent and happy to establish reciprocal partnerships with MoonFarm Finance.

About MoonFarm Finance

MoonFarm Finance is the first CeDefi Yield Farming Aggregator on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our vision:

· Bridge the gap between CeFi and Defi;

· Remove entry barriers to yield farming and enhance users’ experience;

· Provide better capital utilisation

· Create strong optimisation that provides the best benefits to DeFi users;

· Boost crypto adoption.

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