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3 min readJul 22, 2021


After a month of launching with many achievements, we are pleased to announce that we will launch a referral mechanism to push the development of Moonfarm to a new level shortly. For every person that signs up using your referral code into their Moonfarm Account, you will earn 5 MFO.

Total $MFO tokens reward: 50,000 ( the event will end when the reward is reached)

Sign up for; Moonfarm tutorial.

With any existing referral friends that qualified, users will receive a 0.35% harvest reward from their referral daily.

Referral Mechanisms

  1. Qualified referrer (include 2)
  • The referrer has to farm/stake ≥ $200 in Moonfarm Finance.
  • And the referrer has to farm/stake ≥ 5 consecutive days in Moonfarm Finance.

2. Referral rewards

  • For each new user successfully referred to Moonfarm, the referrer will receive 5 MFO, the maximum referral bonus achieved is 50 MFO.
  • For each new user successfully referred to Moonfarm, the referrer will receive 0.35% daily harvest rewards from the referred user.

Example A:

Adrian (a qualified referrer) invites Celine via a Moonfarm referral link. Celine fills the Sign-up interface, then she sends BTC; BNB; BUSD to farm at Pool BTC; BNB; BUSD respectively in Moonfarm. At the daily harvest time, Celine receives rewards as BTC; BNB; BUSD. Adrian gets 5 MFO when Celine joins Moonfarm and 0.35% of BTC; BNB; BUSD when Celine harvests.

3. Referral rankings

Tier: the referrer’s rank when they meet the criteria of the TVL and MFO hold columns, there are 5 ranks with Non-tier being the lowest level and Ruby being the highest level with higher benefits from Bronze to Diamond.

TVL: The TVL column is calculated on the total amount of ($) that all the people you have referred to farm at the Moonfarm system. (unit: $)

MFO hold: The MFO hold column is calculated on the total amount of MFO token that you hold/farm/stake at the Moonfarm system. (unit: token)

Reward: the reward will be % daily harvest rewards from your referrals, the Reward will also increase gradually according to your Tier. The highest Ruby tier will be 2.5% daily harvest rewards.

  • Referral rank will be decided by the total amount of TVL ($) of all your referred users and the total amount of MFO you are holding on Moonfarm. The number of % rewards will be determined by your referral rank.

Example B:

Phoebe (a qualified referrer) is staking 30,000 MFO in the MFO farming pool at Moonfarm and has 7 referred users that deposited a total of $20,000 to Moonfarm. That means Phoebe is in diamond rank at the referral rankings, having 1.5% of daily harvest rewards from each referred user in total 7.

How to get a referral code

Option 1

If you are qualified, log in to the Moonfarm app, go to the “Referral” section → select “copy” the referral link and send it to your friends. If they sign up you will receive 5 MFO.

Option 2

Ask the person you refer to enter your username in the “Reference” box. When they sign up, you will also be counted as a referrer.

About MoonFarm Finance

MoonFarm Finance is a CeDeFi platform (Centralised Decentralised Finance) that combines both the advantages of Centralised Finance and Decentralised Finance. The platform will offer a market yield farming optimization strategy to utilize users’ funds to bring a good return with controllable risk.

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