Dual IDO — Detailed process on Poolz and Yellow Road

  • IDO Token allocation: 350,000 MFO ( 0.35% total supply )
  • Price sale: $0.4
  • Total raise: $80,000 on Poolz and $60,000 on Yellow Road
  • You need to hold token at Poolz after 17th of May (expired on May 10th)
  • Stakers and Liquidity Providers will receive a 2X multiplier increasing their chances to win an IDO allocation!
  • Top 100 POOLZ Holders = guaranteed allocation 💯
  • Non Top 100 = Lottery Based 🎰
  • 250 staked $POOLZ = 1 lottery ticket 🎫
  • Hold 500 $POOLZ = 1 lottery ticket 🎫
  1. Follow Poolz on Twitter
  2. Follow Moonfarm on Twitter
  3. Join Moonfarm Telegram group
  4. Fill the whitelist form HERE
  5. Stake your POOLZ tokens on the staking page to receive a 2:1 multiplier!
  • Hold at least 50 $ROAD or provide liquidity with BNB-ROAD on Pancake to hold LPs created by BNB and ROAD will receive a higher chance to participate in the IDO
  • Top 1000 token holders will be granted a guaranteed allocation. The larger the amount of ROAD token, the bigger the chance to be allocated with more token
  • You have to hold at least 50 $ROAD to be able to enter the whitelist
  • LPs token Holdings can be counted as Double! (Min 5 BNB — 200ROAD will be count as 400 ROAD )

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